As a girl growing up in the Bronx, clothes didn't come easy and when we got them, we made the best of what we had and we turned the most basic clothes into fashion staples. Shoes have always been the cornerstone to our fashion identity. The shoes you rock and how you rock them has always driven our fashion styles. I remember days of wearing my mother's shoes as a little girl dancing to Hector Lavoe. Those are days I never forget and that led me down the path and passion of women's shoes. My goal has always been to offer affordable luxury women's shoes to the community that brought me so much. Now, I have the opportunity to do just that with ShoeBodega. At ShoeBodega, we curate the newest and hottest trends at the most affordable prices for Latinas around the world. Bodegas are at the core of every neighborhood that's just like the one I grew up in. Shoes are at the core of fashion, hence the name ShoeBodega.

-Keila, Founder